Survey for 2019 SARMC

Based on the enthusiastic response from the karting teams and clubs we believe that we are nearly there to finalize the plans for the 2019 SARMC. We hope to attract 120 competitors at National events next year and believe that the detail changes below will broaden the appeal to both the very young and the older and heavier competitors.

These proposals are aimed also at harmonizing regional and club racing by 2020 and that some compromises will be made in 2019 to smooth the transition. We do not want to detract from club-racing, but we aim to open the way for National and inter-provincial racing. Club racing in our view is for guys that have no ambitions of doing Nationals and also as a place for beginners to hone their skills. By providing a serious class for heavier older competitors we believe that even club racing will benefit by taking the serious competitors away to Max 175 or DD2 Masters.
    Without exception everyone that has commented has been enthusiastic and positive that lifting the age back to 9 years old and by providing a National Series, that this will grow this very important introductory class again. Regional Championships may be applied for where the numbers support this already. Only sealed engines (by EMR approved Bambino Service Centres) and safeguards allowing swapping out of engines will be finalized shortly.

    EMR will offer a complete, new Bambino kart or a Rotax Micro Max engine to the winner of a RAFFLE at the final round of the championship wherein the names of all drivers that competed in at least 2 club/regional rounds and 2 of the SARMC National Rounds will be eligible. Not all the emphasis will be on winning – being there is what counts!

    Bambino remains the formula of choice world-wide for this age group. Being the correct size at 77cm wheel base, correct weight at 70kg and less than 3 bhp it is the safe and affordable choice.

  2. Micro, Mini, Junior and Senior MAX remain unchanged and all have 2019 RMCGF tickets for National Championship winners.

  3. MAX 175 class: this will become a stand-alone National Series class and will cater for serious but heavier (typical average South African competitors 90kg in his shorts) and/or older (over 32 years old) competitors.

    I. Local club/regional championship classes - examples KZN’s Max 180 or WPMC Clubman’s - will get off to flying start in Max 175 in 2019 while leaving Clubman’s for the less serious competitors in older equipment.
    II. We will incentivise the MAX 175 National Series by offering a ticket to the 2019 RMCGF to the first driver over 32 years of age (NB: this will be a DD2 Masters seat and run at the international weight limit)
    III. At Nationals in 2019 in MAX175 we will reserve the right to combine this with Senior Max at an event if there are less than 10 entries. This class will also enjoy a lot of local support at National events, so it is unlikely that we will need to do this.

  4. DD2 Masters: we all recognize the need to cater for heavier (typical average 90 kg South African competitors) and/or older (over 32 years old competitors).

    I. DD2 Masters will become a stand – alone class at Nationals in 2019 and should enjoy local support at Nationals as well.
    II. The minimum weight of DD2 Masters class will be increased to 182kg – subject to the outcome of this survey.
    III. Regional Championship status may be applied for to your local Regional MSA Committee IF you believe that you will have the numbers to support this.

  5. We will incentivize DD2 Masters as usual by offering a ticket to the 2019 RMCGF to the first driver over 32 years of age.

  6. The minimum weight of DD2 class may be reduced - based on a survey – from the current National weight of 176kg.

The final details will be negotiated with MSA as soon as the survey is in and published ASAP thereafter.

Thank you all for your support.

Happy MaXXing

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