Rumours that “cheating in the Rotax classes is rife” are doing the rounds. FAKE NEWS has it that the top five Junior Max's were recently excluded so “why race Rotax if everyone cheats?”

The FACTS however are quite different to the rumours:
  1. At a post-race technical check at the Rotax African Open 15 clutches were removed and inspected. Two were found to be under the minimum measurement. The Stewards, after hearing both parties, excluded both the winner of Junior Max as well as the third placed Micro Max competitor. Both competitors have returned the trophies and awards to the organizers and these will be awarded to the next placed competitors at this weekend’s National at Zwartkops.
  2. The result of the exclusion in Junior Max is that runner-up in the Rotax African Open, Aquil Alibhai, is now the winner of Junior Max and he takes the big prize!  The invitation to race in Brazil at the Rotax Max Challenge Grand Final is a highly sought after award.
  3. Rotax kart racing has developed a comprehensive set of technical regulations (view technical regulations) and this is used by RMC organizers  world-wide. These rules cover the important technical aspects that, if not respected, may give an unfair advantage. Special tools have been developed for this and we have a team of highly competent scrutineers that are there to ensure fair play.

As the promotors of the SARMC Series we would like to assure you all that Rotax racing in South Africa is very strictly policed and  racing has never been more fair and competitive! We believe that the popularity of Rotax karting worldwide is thanks to the combined efforts to ensure fair play!

Another rumour is that “only the NEW Comer C51 engine will be allowed in Bambino in 2019”


There is no change to the specs for the Bambino class! The Comer C50 as per published MSA homologation remains the only engine for Bambino. For interest the Comer C51 is prepared for the USA market and it can be converted to C50 spec in two minutes! The C51 is fitted with a 7mm restrictor bush in the inlet manifold - that is the ONLY difference between the two engines. The Topkart Comer Bambino is the worldwide choice for young drivers 5 to 8 years old. Designed with a 77cm wheelbase specifically to safely fit kids of this age, the lightweight 70kg kart and driver and appropriately powered at 2.5bhp engine is ideal to introduce youngsters into the sport.