Finally the long awaited new technology cylinders have been released and will be legal for racing in 2018!

Some very important notes:

Junior, Mini and Micro Max: these classes already have the latest technology cylinders since the beginning of 2017 so there is nothing new and no change to the cylinder in these three classes.

Senior Max: The class that suffered from a reputation of rare “special” cylinders dominating finally gets a new cylinder that will outgun the best out there and breathe new life into motors that couldn’t keep up in the past! You do not have to replace your cylinder and cylinders allowed in 2017 will be allowed in 2018 but unless you have one of those “rare specials” you will want to do this!

DD2: The new cylinder here is not a must but it is highly recommended if you have ever felt that your motor lacked that edge. You do not have to change your cylinder and existing cylinders will still be allowed in 2018 and onwards.

Availability and cost: We hope to receive cylinders starting in December and will supply strictly on a first come first served basis so please register your order by mailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Naturally you can order the new cylinder via your preferred Rotax Service Center but please mail Jennifer to get onto the priority list! Initially we will limit the supply to only one new cylinder per driver but more will be allowed as soon as we have received enough to supply everyone with their first new cylinder.

Important note: As is the case with Junior, Mini and Micro Max already, ONLY new technology cylinders that have been marked “EMR” and the serial numbers registered by EMR will be legal for use in South Africa. This does not apply to earlier “non digital” cylinders. Parity of performance and equal opportunity is our number one goal and 2018 will set new standards if the World Final was anything to go by!

Mini Max: Rotax have confirmed that their recommendation worldwide for Mini Max will be the 95cm chassis in future and that the 2018 RMCGF will run on a 95cm chassis. Many significant countries are already racing like this and clearly in South Africa we are staying on the 95cm chassis! We will be reducing the performance a little to safely accommodate a reduction of the minimum age to the year of the 9th birthday. This is a logical result of the reduction of the minimum ages by the CIK of Junior Racing.

Rotax Press Release