After the extremely successful introduction in early 2017 of one-piece 3D digitally printed cylinder cores for Junior MAX, ROTAX immediately set about developing a new Senior MAX cylinder using the same technology.  Further improvements in accuracy and consistency have been made by fully CNC machining the entire exhaust duct and now the port edge chamfers – previously hand machined – will now also be CNC machined.

Performance of the new cylinder matches or slightly exceeds the very best existing cylinders in the market so you are assured of an exciting and level playing field in 2018! New cylinders will be available before year end for those who want to start testing for 2018. ROTAX and their dealers will have a special trade in offer where you can get the new cylinder on exchange for half price and this offer will run until March 2018 – details will be published shortly. Any new Senior MAX engine purchased from now will have a cylinder replacement as soon as the new cylinders are available – material and labour free of charge - so no risk of buying something out dated.

Upgrading from Junior MAX to Senior MAX has never been easier: we will trade in your Junior cylinder and fit the latest Senior MAX cylinder at half the usual price! You will need to purchase a power valve and ECU to complete the job so for less than R 10 000 in total you are ready to go and with the faster D4 tyres an awesome experience is guaranteed.

To avoid disappointment please let your dealer know if you want to take advantage of the trade in or upgrade plan as soon as possible – we need to place orders well in advance and as always first come first served!

ROTAX karting has always tried to offer a balance performance, equality and durability. The durability (= economical running costs) is legendary where modern materials used (like the Gil-Nikasil plating in the cylinders) and conservative design allow you to use half the amount of oil while going many times the distance in between overhauls. The warrantee system is another of the many plus points of using a ROTAX.