Senior Max is the logical next step from Junior Max. The class is an open class and drivers can compete from the year they turn 14 until they are too old to kart. Weight or being 32 years old wil move you on to the next class, Max 175. A driver weighing approxiametly 75kg will not need to carry any lead.

New complete race-ready karts cost incl. VAT R 138 000 and used outfits sell for R 55 000 upwards (beware of buying outdated equipment with a view to renovating it – rather spend more and buy race competitive stuff).

By just changing to the Senior cylinder which accomodates the power valve and the compound of tyre you have made the jump up to Senior Max. The top Senior Max driver is invited to compete at the ROTAX Max Challenge Grand Finals. The prize includes the use of brand new kart and engine drawn by raffle this ensures the fairest racing in karting. All tyres dry and wet, fuel, oil, tools, trolley, etc. are covered by this prestigious invitation.

It is adviseable to take part in Senior Max for at least one season before moving into the premier Rotax DD2 class.

Recommended starting point

 122  120  122  122  119  119
SPROCKET 14:75 12:79 12:72 14:75 12:74 12:79
FUEL OIL RATIO 40:1          



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