The 2019 SARMC National Championship exceeded expectations - more than 100 entries at each round! Given the current financial crisis and that a second similar National Championship karting series is running, the excellent turnout was gratifying.

South Africa’s top kart racers competed for the six world titles in Sarno, Italy at the 20th running of the “Olympics of karting”. South Africa has a proud history of success in RMCGF events, with 14 title wins often finishing near the front of the all-important Nations Cup - including a win in 2015.

The Rotax African Open event has seen competitors from as far afield as Angola and the UAE scrapping over the all-important RMCGF Invitations. Large and highly competitive fields have been the order of the day.

Rotax are delivering on their promises to deliver great performance out of the box and tighter control over technical matters and post-race checking has seen the most amazing races and we look forward to great things in 2020.

Your SA Rotax team and the associated clubs/race organizers, dealers and teams have looked at what detailed changes will improve regional racing and see greater participation in SA National events in 2020. This is where we think it’s heading.

1. BAMBINO (5 to 9)

The class has enjoyed phenomenal growth in 2019. Despite several competitors moving to another series we have seen fields of 16 karts at Nationals and 10 at regionals. Importantly Bambino is now running successfully in every region in SA! The engine spec. that resolved the reliability and parity issues has proved its worth and very close, affordable racing amongst the kids is the order of the day.

The only change for 2020 is to lift the weight limit to 74kg to allow heavier young guns to spend another year in this exiting class. Note: before considering moving up to another class that a complete ready-to-race Bambino kart (with blueprinted engine, tyres, VAT etc) costs less than any make of MSA homologated 95cm chassis alone (used in all under 13 classes) - no engine, no tyres etc.

Running costs are also very low so Bambino remains the formula of choice world-wide for the 5 to 9 age group. Being the correct size at 77cm wheel-base, correct weight at 74kg and less than 3 bhp it is the only safe and affordable choice.

2. MICRO MAX (7 to 11)

South Africa will follow the international rules in 2020 and two drivers in the 8 to 11 age group will qualify for the RMCGF in Micro Max. The Micro Max class at the RMCGF has increased from 36 to 72 drivers.
Minimum weight is 105kg and a free upgrade exchange program is available – first come first served – for the first 25 customers.

3. MINI MAX (9 to 13)

South Africa will follow the international rules in 2020 and one driver in the 10 to 12 age group will qualify for the RMCGF in Mini Max.
Minimum weight is 118kg and an upgrade exchange program is available free of charge – first come first served – for the first 25 customers.

4. JUNIOR MAX (12 to 15)

While the numbers declined in 2019 - several factors influenced this including the economy, the reduction the CIK age limit for various classes, a second national series being promoted, but the numbers in all regions have improved in the second half of the season so 2020 will see this affordable class back with respectable numbers and very exiting racing. At the African Open there were many different leaders and at the end of the 20-lap final 0,230 of a second separated 1st and 4th place – it doesn’t get closer than that anywhere!

5. SENIOR MAX (14 years plus)

The winner of the National Championship and the winner of the Rotax Africa Open will both qualify to race in Senior Max at the RMCGF. Good growth in 2019 and no changes for 2020.

6. MASTER MAX: (30 plus or 85kg plus driver)

This changes its name from MAX 175 and the minimum weight will increase to 180kg in 2020 – accommodating bigger guys! This class will continue to cater particularly for club and regional competitors weighing 85kg in shorts) and/or older (over 32 years old). Based on 2019 feedback we propose to run a two round Master Max Series in 2020.

7. DD2 CLASS: (15 years up)

DD2 stood very well on its own (without the DD2 Masters) at the Nationals so 2020 will see this continue. The winner and runner up of the National Championship will qualify for the Grand finals as well as the winner of the Rotax African Open. NB: at regional races DD2 and DD2 Masters will continue to race in a combined race but score separately (as defined by the region concerned)

8. DD2 MASTERS (32 plus or 85kg plus driver)

DD2M successfully raced on their own at all National rounds in 2019 and we believe that this class will continue to grow now that the Masters guys have seen that it can succeed on its own!

Thank you all for making 2019 such a good year!

Happy MaXXing