2019 Max 175 National Championship

*The SARMC series points are calculated by adding your Regional points to your National points with the following formula.

Regional Points:

  1. A driver must nominate the region in which he/she wishes to score points regionally – normally the region in which he/she lives. Nomination must be made after the first event.
  2. Points can be scored at the four SARMC regional races in the designated region with the two final heats per event counting.
  3. Drivers score points from 6 out of the possible 8 regional finals
  4. The sum of points obtained in the best 6 (six) regional finals will be divided by 6 (six).
  5. Drivers who take part in Regional events will receive 1 (one) bonus point for each heat started (crossing the start line).

National Points:

  1. The first three National rounds each have time trials and 3 (three) point scoring heats.
  2. The fourth and final National event has time trials and 4 (four) point scoring heats.
  3. The best 10 finals out of a possible 13 finals at National events count.

Important Note!

  1. Exclusions must be counted as a best score (DQ/EXCL = 0)